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Antiwrinkle Injections

The primary aim of anti-wrinkle treatment injections is to improve lines around the eyes, eyebrows and forehead.

Botox injections have been used medically for over 20 years and can treat a wide range of medical conditions including hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and migraine.

It has an excellent safety record in the treatment of adults and children.Wrinkles around the eyes, eyebrows and forehead form over time from the activity of muscles in these areas. Anti-wrinkle treatment injections can be used to temporarily weaken these muscles, causing the lines to diminish after treatment as the muscles no longer produce them.

If anti-wrinkle treatment injections are used to treat lines that are very shallow, then often these disappear completely. If the lines are deep and permanent then other treatments such as Dermal Fillers, micro-needling and medical grade skin peels may be required if you wish the lines to be removed completely.

If you start regular treatments with anti-wrinkle treatment injections before permanent lines start, then you will delay and possibly prevent wrinkles appearing, helping to maintain a youthful appearance.

The treatment itself involves a series of tiny injections into the target muscles where the lines occur. Most patients find the treatment causes mild discomfort at the time of injection. There may be slight swelling which usually subsides after about 20 minutes or so. Occasionally bruising occurs.

The effects of Botox will be noticeable 3-4 days later but may take up to 2 weeks for the full effect. It is at this time point that patients return for a review. Results generally last between 3-6 months and often longer if the patient chooses to have successive treatments,

Complications are uncommon but can occur. The most common complication is partial eyelid droop (occurring in less than 1% of injections), and eyebrow droop or asymmetry. This may last up to three weeks, after which it resolves itself. Anti-wrinkle treatment injections are not to be used in pregnant or lactating women.

Antiwrinkle Injections

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