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The chest, also known as the decolletage is an area that often shows the signs of ageing early as  consequence of  sun exposure.

It is also an area that is often missed out as part of a skincare regime. As the skin loses its elasticity, it becomes wrinkley and crepey and the skin becomes thinner.

An excellent treatment for this area is the use of hylauronic acid fillers especially designed for targetting the chest and neck. Small uniform desposits of dermal filler are injected  into the dermis of the skin providing deep hydration, improving collagen production and overall skin condition. Usually a course of 3 is recommended for optimum outcome with a booster once a year. This area can also be treated using medical needling/mesotherapy or platelet rich plasma.

Products used are Restylane Vital, Belotero, Emervel.

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