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Vampire Facelift (Platelet Rich Plasma)

The vampire Facelift involves taking a blood sample (the same as a blood test) and then putting the blood into a machine that separates the platelets, serum and white blood cells.

The platelets are then injected directly back into the face or the area of the body in need of rejuvenation. Platelets release growth factors that help the body repair itself by stimulating cells to regenerate new tissue. So as well as improving the skin tone, the treatment also promotes healthy skin growth and collagen production so skin appears plumper and more vibrant.

Why should we have Regenerative Medicine known as PRP? 
Aging of the skin, dermal components and cells, means that the skin texture and appearance deteriorate. Aging affects the hands, soft tissue of the face and body. This is characterized by sagging, thinning of the skin, puffiness, age spots (lentigines) and wrinkling (forehead, cheeks, neck and décolleté). Tissue on the arms becomes thin and empty. General texture of the skin changes and dryness is a problem. Sun exposure worsens the process by solar-aging and UV irradiation. 
This means that vertical and horizontal facial wrinkles and body texture deteriorate with time. 

Some people, of both genders, choose to age gracefully and are not concerned about eventually POSSIBLY looking like their grand-parents in years to come.

However, there are choices, in this new era of anti-aging medicine. The trend now is to turn back the clock and undergo some form of rejuvenation to reduce facial wrinkles, lines and blemishes and rejuvenate the body. 

A new approach appealing to clients seeking an increased and natural method to rejuvenation.

This is regeneration with your own cells and more specifically, autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This is also referred to as autologous cellular regeneration (ACR) an aesthetic practice, which is a safe and tolerable procedure. Used in combination therapy it can potentiate the results of your other anti ageing modalities.

REGENERATIVE MEDICINE is the production and injection of autologous platelet rich plasma. 

It is well known that platelets have many functions.

Platelets contain important growth factors that, when secreted, are responsible for:

  • Tissue regeneration and rejuvenation
  • increasing collagen production
  • recruiting other cells to the site of injury
  • initiating vascular in – growth
  • inducing cell differentiation
  • bone – mineralization
  • extra cellular matrix formation
  • Non – Allergenic
  • It is a ‘body own’ physiological product vs. animal derived or human donor products.
  • Elimination of donor transmissible infections
  • Biological Glue: for tissue adhesion especially in skin flaps, bone grafts and trauma.

What conditions can be treated with The Vampire Facelift?

The Vampire Facelift can be used to improve skin texture, lines and wrinkles. By placing it into the deeper skin layer, cells can be stimulated to a more youthful function. Crepey areas under eyes and in necks can show dramatic improvement and the general texture of the skin will improve. It is highly effective at improving sun damage and dull, worn-out looking skin too.

What areas can be treated with The Vampire Facelift?

There are few limitations to The Vampire Facelift and can be used to rejuvenate the face, neck, décolletage, backs of hands and other body areas. It can also be used in place of cortisone injections for the treatment of ligament & joint problems.

Is The Vampire Facelift Safe?

The Vampire Facelift is a completely safe and natural treatment and is highly effective at improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and dull, worn-out looking skin. PRP Therapy can be also used to rejuvenate the face, neck, backs of hands and other body areas. It uses your own blood so there are little to no side effects and no risk of rejection.

How long is each Vampire Facelift Session?

Each Vampire Facelift session will take 45 minutes and you will be able to resume your normal daily routine straight after.

How many Vampire Facelift sessions will I need?

Results will vary from person to person but we advise having 2-3 treatments 3-6 months apart.

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